History of the Kingdom of Poland

To us, this is the only era in the history of our Nation every Pole can be truly proud of. Never in the republican times have we reached such a status in Europe.

The Republic stands for partitions, occupation, unsuccessful and tragic risings, and, in recent times, especially inefficient governments.

Constitution of the 3rd of May

The wisest document ever written by the Polish hand. An attempt to restore the hereditary monarchy after years of painful experience.

Unfortunately, it was too late then.

We believe it’s not too late now.

His Serene Highness Hans-Adam II – “The State in the Third Millennium”

A thorough analysis of modern statehood providing a plan for the 21st century, written by the contemporary ruler of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Guidance how to build the rule of law and a monarchy that will meet the challenges of the modern world.

Presidential election every 5 years

Nothing inspires us as they do. Each time, we promise ourselves to do everything in our power to put an end to this pathetic procedure.